iPhone Wallet

  • iPhone 5S Wallet
    iPhone 5S Wallet
  • Grizzly Leather
    Grizzly Leather
  • Black Leather
    Black Leather
  • iPhone 5S Wallet main compartment
    iPhone 5S Wallet main compartment
  • iPhone 5S Wallet interior
    iPhone 5S Wallet interior
  • iPhone 5S Wallet diagram
    iPhone 5S Wallet diagram
$49.00 $49.00 $49.00 $49.00 Head out the door with your iPhone, credit cards, and cash all in one place. The leather iPhone Wallet stores just what you need in one compact, stylish place.
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Cash + iPhone snug together. This combination wallet separates cash and credit cards from the iPhone itself. A front window shows the iPhone so you can be alerted at all times. It's possible to talk through the case, but it's advised that you take your phone out for longer conversations.


  • For iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s with or without bumper
  • Naturally-tanned leather with self-locking zipper
  • Colors: brown brown or black
  • Rigid Ultrasuede® divider to protect the iPhone from the rest of the wallet's contents.
  • Size & Dimensions:
    • for iPhone 5s/5c/5:
    • for iPhone 4s with or without bumper: 4.75" x 3.25", 2 oz.
  • Shipping option: - Qualifies for First Class Mail $2.00


Grizzly Leather

Grizzly Leather

Black Leather

Black Leather

Hi Gary,

Thank you very much. I just wanted to let you know that the order was received and i am typing and sending this email with the iPhone 5 inside the wallet.

i Love it...


Hi Gary,

Just wanted to drop you a line from sunny England! I've just received my new iPhone wallet, and I'm absolutely thrilled!

Not only is the product fantastic quality, it's so practical. I keep my iPhone in an otterbox to add extra protection so I wasn't sure how it get on inside the wallet, but it still works a treat! It's slightly more of a snug fit, but despite the raised edges, I can't still text and make calls.

So far everywhere I've gone I've been asked where I got my case from and ive happily passed your details on.

Once again, thank you for all your correspondence and the speedy delivery, I'm absolutely thrilled with my case.

Miss Faye Purcell

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the wallets to us so fast. I had been looking to replace my very worn out trifold wallet for some time,but couldn't find a wallet that would work. In spite of much effort to reduce the number, I still have 25+ cards to tote around. Most wallets I found either could not hold that many or it was pain to access the card desired. After a month of using it, I'm glad to say your design has worked out well. All the cards easily fit, and finding the card I want couldn't be less troublesome. I have never carried cash in my wallets as it in addition to the cards made the wallet near impossible to fold and most uncomfortable to have in a pants pocket. I have found with your design I can get cash, cards, and receipts in and its still slim enough to be carried comfortably in my pocket. Sorry for rambling, but I thought I would let you know I am satisfied with your product. Hopefully you will continue to make them, so when or if this one wears out I can purchase another.

Thanks again,

Lou Beeler

Hey Gary,

Wanted to drop you and your team a quick line to say 'BRAVO' on the new iPhone Wallet. In your video you describe your frustration of taking both your iPhone and wallet (which is great) with you, leading the way for the iPhone Wallet design. I have had the same issue after buying several wallets/cases/folio's ever since I bought the first iPhone long ago, but not really any of them have been what I was looking for. As a frequent customer of your site I saw this, and knew this could be the one... and after using it for a few weeks, it absolutely is 'the one'. It is simple, yet incredibly usable and extremely durable - all while looking great! I have the distressed leather version, and get compliments almost everyday. So thank you, and your team, for such an amazing product that is as elegant as it is functional. I would expect nothing less from WD ;)



WaterField's iPhone 5 Wallet/Case Covers All The Bases

WaterField's iPhone 5 Wallet/Case Covers All The Bases

The MacObserver - October 3, 2012

"This wallet/case presents with all the quality standards that users have come to expect from WaterField. The stitching is heavy duty and exact, the zipper is heavy duty, and the zipper has a self-locking closure."

"It provides excellent padding."

"This is a high quality case, well made and well designed."

" It holds many credit type cards, cash and the iPhone 5."


WaterField iPhone Wallet Review

WaterField iPhone Wallet Review (with video)

Restless Tech - November 4, 2011

"The wallet is well reinforced so it keeps a thin profile even with the iPhone inside of it."

"Construction quality from WaterField never disappoints and this wallet was no exception."

"I love the security of the zipper and being able to see and operate the phone functions while in the case is a really cool feature. The materials are top notch and it is a killer slimline security wallet with, our without the iPhone installed. Couple that with being made in the USA and WaterField's exceptional customer service and they have got a winner on their hands."

The iPhone wallet has a place for your stuff

The iPhone wallet has a place for your stuff

TUAW - November 5th, 2011

"I love this idea. You carry a wallet, you carry an iPhone, why not carry one thing instead of two?"

" The first thing I noticed is that it looks and feels well made. This isn't a case that's going to start fraying around the edges after a few months. It also already feels 'broken in' rather than stiff."

"The window in the front will allow you to see the entire screen. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I could actually use the touch-screen right through the plastic."

"A reasonable [price] buys a great product that will most likely still look and work great even when you're thinking about the iPhone 6!"

WaterField iPhone Wallet Review

WaterField iPhone Wallet Review

The Gadgeteer - November 28, 2011

"I love it. It's the type of leather that only looks better as it's used and collects scuffs and scratches."

" The contents of the wallet are kept protected by a sturdy locking zipper. I can confirm that the zippers used in Waterfield's products are top quality."

"I was really surprised that my taps and swipes work through a layer of plastic, but they do. You can even send text messages, answer calls, listen to voicemails and give Siri commands while the phone is zipped up in the wallet. Nice!"

"I think Waterfield has another winning product, which I'll be using for years to come"


WaterField's double-duty iPhone 4 Wallet


"WaterField Designs... known for its high-quality sleeves for laptops and iPads."

"...a leather wallet that also does double-duty as an iPhone case."

"...available in brown or black [leather]."

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