Kindle™ Slip Case

  • Kindle™ Slip Case
  • Kindle™ Slip Case
$27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00 Take your Kindle anywhere in the ultra thin Keyboard Slip Case - a slim case with a lightly padded liner. Six vibrant colors so you'll never loose inside bag.
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Just Slip it in. Slip your Kindle into this, thin, protective Kindle Slip Case. Light internal padding with screen-protecting, impact-resistant plastic keeps your tablet safe and sound. Water-proof outer material protects against spills and other accidental mishaps. Use the handy tab at the bottom to ease the tablet out. Vibrant colors make it easy to find.


  • Glove-fitting sizes for:
    • Kindle Paperwhite
    • Kindle Fire (first generation only)
    • Kindle Keyboard (formerly Kindle 3)
    • Kindle Touch
    • Kindle Controller
  • Six colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Silver

Hi Gary,

Just a short followup note to let you know I am very pleased with how well the slipcase protects my PW from damage. I have accidentally dropped my Kindle Paperwhite several times (while in the slipcase) since I got it in January and thanks in part to the protection of the slipcase it has suffered no damage at all. I would have no problem at all recommending your product to anyone looking for a good quality case for safely carrying their Kindle ereader.

Charles Brentner

Hey, Gary—

I’ve had my Kindle Slip Case for several days now, and I just wanted to say that it is excellent. It fits the Kindle perfectly, the blue color is vibrant yet tasteful, and the minimalist design is both beautiful and ideal for my needs—in short, it’s an amazing piece of work. My first product from you was your excellent leather wallet (still kicking strong a few years later), and I rightly guessed that you’d make the best Kindle case for my taste.

Thanks for looking out for those of us who obsess over detail and quality.

Best regards,


I got it in the mail today. Thank you -- this is PERFECT!!! I heard about you on the Yahoo Kindle Korner group. I have posted to the group how much I love my new case.


Got the sleeve in a timely manner. It's incredibly well crafted. Even though its probably the most basic thing you guys make, the quality I'm used to shines through. The padding on the bottom is perfect, and the sleeve fits like a glove. Its definitely the envy of my coworkers. My wife wants a pink one. Is there any hope? Thanks Gary and crew.

Jason Schwartz

The sleeve arrived today, and I've already received 2 compliments about it. I must admit I am feeling pretty satisfied with myself for making the correct choice. I did a lot of research before deciding on Waterfield, but the small element of doubt that remained was completely gone once I had it in my hands.The quality is obvious, it fits perfectly, is very comfortable, and there's no way I could improve on your design. The material is very nice too. All in all, I know where to go and whom to recomend now.

Thank you


Dear Gary,

As usual, your company continues to provide exemplary customer service. You keep your customers updated if items they've ordered are out of stock and then again when new stock has been received. You even make sure the customer still is interested in the original order. I do most of my purchasing on-line and WaterField Designs honestly has, by far, the best customer service of any and also provides an elegant, well-made product. I wish all companies and businesses were as caring and customer-oriented as WaterField.

Dr. Carl