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Lightweight Champion. Vertical positioning helps lighten your load. Ideal for zipping around town or traveling to foreign lands. Works great with small and medium size laptops too! Includes Shoulder Pad.

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Available in three sizes:
Large VertiGo (
Size 3)  $109  / 11 " x 15" x 3.5" - 1.55 lb
Medium VertiGo (
Size 2)  $99  / 11" x 13" x 3.5" - 1.45 lb
Small VertiGo (
Size 1)  $89  / 8.5" x 11" x 3.5" - 1.2 lb

Buy it now VertiGo Mambo Combo
Protect your laptop and upgrade your savings when you buy the Vertigo and a laptop SleeveCase all at once.
VertiGo Mambo Combo
$129 - $149

Testimonials > More of what our customers are saying

Subject: Re: wishing for bag failure


Five years ago I bought the Vertigo Mambo Combo with strap, flap and piggyback. It was meant to be a stop-gap until I found a bag I really liked, in my preferred brown leather. That Vertigo spent two years hauling up to 2 laptops cross country weekly along with all my peripherals, personals, coffee cup, lunch, and entertainment for the flights. On the ground the piggyback doubled as a purse and a run-to-meetings-stop-and-get-coffee bag with pen, pad, wallet and cell. The last three years the Vertigo has done double duty as daily and diaper bag holding dipes, wipes, changing pad, klean kanteen, sippy and coffee cups, knitting, iPod, HotWheels, umbrella and a change of clothes for a toddler. The bag looks like I bought it yesterday despite the balsamic dressing accident. Wish I could say the same for the computer.

Thank you for a quality product!

Heidi B.

From: ilene@ .com
To: Gary <>
Subject: Re: On the way...

Hi Gary and team,
I just got the bag today, one day after shipping.. gotta love shopping "local"!! I found your company on the internet searching for a vertical laptop bag. When I got to your website and looked around I was thrilled with the San Francisco origin, style, and quality.

The bag is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited to use it. Everything I need fits perfectly and it is a very smart design.



Subject: Vertigo Mambo Combo


I just received the Vertigo Mambo Combo and Large iPod gear bag (that was quick!). What a fortuitous thing to have stumbled onto your website. The customer reviews convinced me to try an order, but seeing is truly more than believing. The laptop sleeve is top-notch quality and a perfect fit. The Vertigo is just what I had been hoping to find. Materials are excellent. Style and functionality are perfectly balanced. The iPod gear bag is ideal. You have definitely earned another loyal fan. I'm already placing my second order. I am not only impressed with your products but also with your company. Kudos.


From: thebeaver <>
To: WaterField Designs <>
Subject: Re: Order

Holy crap!

I (finally!) received my order today. I am extraordinarily impressed with the quality exhibited in everything! I have been called insane for spending money on the things I do, but I always try to find the best I can afford. I truly believe that everything I got will last longer than any other type of bag/case I have ever before purchased! The attention to detail is outstanding. The materials are amazing. Everything fits perfectly and is completely functional and comfortable. Thank you for taking the time to design and produce a system of carrying all my stuff that is nicer than most of the stuff I carry!

An EXTREMELY satisfied customer, who has probably already convinced another person or three to order more of your products,

Matt Mather

P.S. I just acquired a PSP, so I shall be ordering another pouch or two in the future. =)

From: Lesley Herren <>
To: "WaterField Designs" <>
Subject: RE: On the way....

Hi Gary,

I found your site from a gal on yesterday's plane.

I've just done another long trip dragging around a rolling briefcase that I bought last year as the next great thing to take the load off my aching upper back (laptop + cables + battery + book or two + ...). I spent over $350 on it. Swiss, balanced wheels, etc. What they don't tell you is it weighs over 9 pounds and when you are constantly carrying it over curbs, up and down stairs, aisles of planes... Great idea - poor execution, but I've been sticking with it like a bad boyfriend because I had so much invested in it.

Sharon (the gal on the plane) was seated in the aisle next to me and we got to talking about her bag. She also had a Dell so when we deplaned she let me try it for a couple of moments as we both walked down the terminal at Phoenix International. I fell in love with her bag - at one point she had to pick mine up and carry it (terminal was crowded) and immediately said that I had to junk it no matter what I paid and use Google to find you as soon as I could.

Needless to say I'm really looking forward to my new bag.


From: "Jacqueline Robie" <>
To: "WaterField Designs" <>
Subject: Re: On the way....

Just wanted you to know that your Vertigo bag absolutely rocks! I can stuff all my weird teacher stuff in it and it just keeps taking more! The strap for the computer and the Piggyback are well worth the money. I have never had bags fit so easily on my shoulder. So thanks!


From: "Srivatsan parthasarathy" <>
To: "WaterField Designs" <>
Subject: Got my vertigo!

Hey Gary,

I got my Vertigo and the T60 sleeve delivered on Friday ... all I can say is WOW!

What an amazing sleeve! It fits my T60 like a skin and is really sturdy and I am sure that it is going to last for a long, long time. I will have no qualms puttng my precious T60 in any bag with your sleeve on. You guys should talk to Lenovo/IBM and offer your products on the thinkpad page itself, it is DEFINITELY worth that status. Next to my T60, this is the best product I've ever bought, period..

The bag is also awesome, I just love how well made it is. I can't see even one loose seam! It holds the T60 in the sleeve so great and is a pleasure to carry and use. I am blown away by the bag and sleeve combo, completely worth what I paid for (which can't be said for most products today!)

I did not have to recommend the sleeve or say one word word about it - people in my lab who just saw it are going to buy it for thier computers.

Rock on, I am going to have you in my 'lookout' list and buy all my bags from you from now on.

A very very satisfied customer,

From: "Annette Thomson" <>
To: Gary
Subject: Vertigo bag testimonial

Hello Gary,

I keep thinking about updating and getting a new bag, but the Vertigo bag I purchased way back in the summer of 2001 simply will not die!

I have used this bag practically every single day for over five years and it barely shows any wear at all. It's carried laptops, books, newspapers, clothing, groceries and who knows what else, seen all sorts of weather (including a hurricane), traveled on every form of public transportation, had drinks spilled in it, visited much of the U.S and four foreign countries, been relentlessly overstuffed and abused on a daily basis... and yet it keeps on going!

My advice to new customers: prepare to use this bag for a VERY long time. At this rate I don't think I'll need a new bag for at least another decade.

A sincere thank you for making such a quality product!

Annette T.
Washington, DC

From: Kate Crane <>
To: WaterField Designs
Subject: Re: On the way...

hey gary,

my order arrived, zippity quick and perfect. the medium vertigo might qualify as Best Bag Ever. i'm a writer and editor, and whether i'm lugging my laptop or some beastly manuscript, this will be the perfect size. and oh, those fabulous pockets. front and back, and all the places inside for pens, metro card and other sundries. heaven! the gold inside is a stroke of brilliance; one of my top daily annoyances is rummaging around in a bag that's pitch black inside. of course, with all the pockets, my rummaging will decrease significantly. but still.

as for the ipod case, it's exactly what i wanted. simple, sturdy, good-looking. to me, the design screams "waterfield," and that is fantastic. (as i mentioned, i've had a laptop case from you for two years that i love.)

i will support your company through my own continued purchases and via referrals. i never do this, but i'm going to send an email to friends with a link to your site. thanks for all.

kate crane

From: Carl Hesse <>
To: Gary <>
Subject: Re: New Web Site

My wife and I purchased the Vertigo to use as a diaper bag for our new baby/toddler. It is the coolest (diaper) bag out there - bullet proof fabric and beautiful details. All of our friends complement the bag and want to get one. It's the perfect size and built so tough - our bag takes a lot of abuse and has held up wonderfully. Now we're waiting for Waterfield Designs to come out with a line of suitcases so that all our needs are fulfilled!"


From: Patrick <>
To: WaterField Designs <>
Subject: Re: On the way...

My wife has one of the Vertigo bags & GearPouch and loves it. My brother has the large Cargo and a Super Dooper iPod case. My brother's fiance has the Vertigo and Super Dooper iPod case. Having seen ALL the goodies up close and knowing how pleased all of them were with their purchases I knew it was a no brainer!!! I look forward to receiving the goodies and ordering from you in the future- put that in your testimonials!!!!

Lawrence Virgin

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