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Posted Nov 05, 2014

Considered invention with care and attention.
-Paul M., Manchester, UK

Bags designed with you in mind.
-Ryan P., New York

Quality and durability meet form and function.
-Ross S., Missouri

Creativity—Gary plus iPad equals awesome.
- Conrad S., California

Thoughtful design. Well made. Value delivered!
- Tom R.

Waterfield Bags = Quality, Style and Function.
- Michele F.

Best materials + design no doubt!
- Sally M.

Cool points for the bag alone
- Andre B.

durable, functional design with badass hardware
- Joseph R.

Service, Quality, Design, Ergonomic, Variety, Durability
- M.P.

The most stylish gear I own.
- Alyosha V., California

True Apple Protection For Design Products.
- Cody B.



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