Finn Wallet

Finn: a pun on ""thin"". Droll.
- Eolake S., UK

BEST wallet EVER! Absolutely LOVE it!!
- Tami K., Tennessee

Open zip, money flip, very hip.
- Charles A., Arkansas

Greatest wallet ever made have I.
- William R., California

Wallet rocks my pocket, zips up!
- Shy Me, Connecticut

Finn wallet goes everywhere with me!
- Celestino S., Virginia

Finn wallet--flatter, tougher, better looking.
- Todd B., Texas

Wallet full; not stuffed. Happy money.!
- Jesse M., Maine

Love the Finn Wallet for iPhone.
- Shy Guy, Georgia

If I was doing acid iwouldstareatthiswalletallday.
- Craig M., U.S.

I love using my Finn Wallet.
- Ulf T., Sweden

Exact wallet I've been searching for!
- Dane F., Texas

One Wallet at last: cards, money, phone.
- Shy Guy, Massachusetts

Hello, Finn. Bye, bye, butt bulge.
- Paul G., Pennsylvania

Cures 'Costanza Syndrome' even with phone.
- Stephen H., Washington

Thru washing machine: Finn is Fine!
- David B., Pennsylvania

First wallet that wife approves of.
- Gary C., California

Pants pockets stuffed? Fix with Finn!
- Guy S., Illinois

Wallet Stolen From Bar; Free Fin?
- Kevin T., California

Staad, Finn. Happy, happy, joy, joy!
- Geoff D., Minnesota

Finn 69 holds everything great product
- Eugene Q., Singapore

Stop searching: Finn wallet just perfect
- Phillipe D., France

Finn 42. Swallows everything! You beauty!!
- John A., United Kingdom

Loved my Catch! But Finn? Priceless…
- Erick B.

Finn Wallet, money secure!!!
- Robert S.

Simple Finn design streamlined my life.
- Ray H.

Finn? Want! Catch? Bought. Wait? Years.
- Terrance M.

Finn. Phone, cards, cash. Stylishly carried.
- Mark H.

Awesome wallet. Cards, money, iPhone. Cool!
- Ben M.