A laptop's BFF

12" MacBook home, better than expected
- Shy Guy, California

Mac Mini case received and (en)closed!
- Shy Guy, United Kingdom

Surface Pro 3 case: beautiful, rugged.
- Kirk W., Montana

Love my MacBook Air case! Yay!
- Eddie S., Kentucky

Masterfully Manages Minding My Mighty MBP.
- Scott F., Melbourne, Australia

iPad Air 2 found safe home.
- Neal B., California

iPad Air 2 sleeps in its sleeve.
- Mary M., Illinois

Mac Pro likes stylish understatement bags!
- Lutz J., Germany

A device is only as good as the bag it wears.
- Jay S., Texas

iPad to my pad; no worries.
- Mayumi R., Japan

Lenovo Pro/3DS + WaterField Products = Flawless.
- Joshua B., Georgia

Previously vulnerable, Mac's now safe.thanks.
- Bill R., Virginia

I envy MacBook's bulletproof tuxedo sleevecase.
- Daniel L., CA

Enjoy unholstering your Mac through security.
- Raymond S., Australia

Never have to buy another case.
- Magnus L., WI

My laptop flies WaterField Designs Class.
- Cathy R., Massachusetts

Mac products luv their SF bags.
- Lina M., Lebanon

Only reason I've kept my MacBook.
- D.S.

Bag arrived! MacBook Air now happy.
- Glenn D.

Laptop snug as bug in rug!
- Mellissa H.