Style & Function

Rugged Slim Perfect Fit American Made
- Danny C., Washington

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Elegant simplicity whilst providing excellent security.
- Julian L., United Kingdom

Great style, functionality, well made. Perfect.
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Amazing Stylish, Waterproof, Unique Love it!
- Alana M., Canada

firmitas, utilitas, venustas —Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
- Andrew M., California

Bombproof bags for active lifestyles.
- Khue C., California

Sturdy, elegant, functional, easy. Perfect!
- Emanuele G., Italy

Classy and functional. Draws great attention.
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Very functional without bulk.
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A case for every new device!
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Style and function that last forever.
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Cool, contemporary, comfortable, casual, compact, choice.
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Nice looking, well built, strong bag.
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Awesome style, completely practical, everyday, everywhere.
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WaterField carry style without the baggage.
- Rajarshi C., Georgia

Sturdy, fitting, stylish bags to go!
- Rivo A., Ungarn (Hungary)

mouth WATERing, FIELD ready, great DESIGN
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Everything in its place, easily found.
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Fast Friendly Fine Fun Fashion.
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World class collection with touch of perfection.
- Vinay G., India

Looks, design, convenience, quality - Waterfield.
- Nancy W.

WaterField Designs: aggressively cool, elegantly functional.
- Mike D.