Cycling Ride Pouch
The Cycling Ride Pouch is Perfect.-Jay B., Massachusetts Cycling made easy with my pouch!- Ray G., New York  

Gaming Cases
The best 3DS case available. Period.- Brandon M., California Classiest 3DS case I've ever seen!- Stephen T., California Best 3DSXL case ever, enough said!- Nicolas B., Canada 3DS case is...
outback canvas duggel
Garment bag is also duffel; genius.- Dan K., Minnesota Simple, Practical craftsmanship. A great duffel!- Jeffrey O., Nevada  
Bolt Laptop Briefcase
Bolt Briefcase
Bolt canvas gorgeous awesome retro looking- Kai C., England The Bolt is another WaterField hit!- Michael C., New Jersey Practically perfect, in absolutely every way.- Amy S., California  
Attracting Attention
"Sexy bag" is what they say.- Jenn P., Washington Phone case really makes me sexy.- David M., USA New case looks sexy. Friends jealous!- Joshua H., Florida Museum guard asked...
Long-time Companion
Multiple Slings, Year 4, As New.- Laura H., Massachusetts Inspired Protective Products Now, and Future- Lloyd M.,New York In case of apocalypse, choose Waterfield. - Kelli B., Oregon  
Locally Made. Globally Admired
Made in USA, carried in Switzerland- Reto G., Switzerland American Made Masterpieces Affordable To Everyone- James L., California SFSFSF: Stylish Favorite So From San Francisco- Harold S. Ingenious, Innovative, American-made,...
WaterField Muzetto is perfect for iPad! - Cindy S., South Carolina Raining today, no worries with Muzetto! - Doug C., California Muzetto Outback canvas perfect for pilots! - Jim W.,...
More than just a bag
Great bag! Cats loved the box.- Anne M., California Note to wife: "No! It's mine!".- David S., Massachusetts Hey Gary, can't do any better.- Brad B., Long Island, NY So...
Victor Wallet
Victor victory! Over bulging wallet!- Roy W., Florida Bulging no more, Victor slim victory!- Roy W., Florida  
Staad backpack is elegant and functional!- Brian J., Oregon Love, Love, LOVE my Staad Backpack!- Stephen C., California Staad: sleek, sturdy, stylish-- worth every$!- Helena S., Victoria, Australia Staad, like...
Still Looks Like New
Eight years, on still looks great.- Felix C., United Kingdom Incredibly durable and wonderfully stylish bag.- Mo S., Florida Indestructible Cozmo four years still new.- Allan C., Texas Awesome products...
Tablet Cases
Totally awesome kindle cover kicks ass!- Jessica S., Florida Love the keyboard and iPad portability- Kevin R., Wisconsin Kindle. Tablet Case. I live well!- Roxanne S. My kindle now travels...
Cozmo bag great for everyday use.- David S., California Cozmo + Laptop Sleeve= :) MBP Retina- Alex N. Took Cozmo to meeting. Turned heads.- Cliff D. Cozmo Seen...Cozmo Came....Cozmo Conquered-...
iPhone Smart Case
Smart Case makes my iPhone intelligent!- Kaled A., New York  
Pouches & the little stuff
Gear pouch is gear bliss!- Doug S., Florida Padded Gear Pouch — great for travel!- Fred N., Greece Padded-Gear-Pouch is just what I wanted.- Julio L., Peru I'll never forget...
Indy Bag
Awesome Indy bag and excellent service- Fadi M., United Arab Emirates Indy: husband-, toddler-, and baby-resistant!- Sooah B., Switzerland Everyone is jealous of my Indy.- Antimere R    
Travel Tote
Outback Canvas Tote - love zippered pocket!- Kathy H, New Hampshire. A great casual all-purpose bag.- Curtis L. Useful, incredibly roomy; attractive leather contrast.- Ingrid H.  
Have bag, will travel
MacBook SleeveCase motorcycle commute. Durable protection.- Doug A., Virginia Yummy yummy portability; yummy yummy portability!- Gary R., Iowa My tech travels safely in style!- Leslie M., Oregon Very happy with...