bags and cases for your new MacBook or Surface

Six-Word Testimonials

The magic of six! Six word stories (Ernest Hemingway), six word memoirs (Smith Magazine), six second videos (Vine). Now, six word customer testimonials from WaterField Designs. Care to try? Show your creativity.

Cozmo bag great for everyday use.
- David S., California

Cozmo + Laptop Sleeve= :) MBP Retina
- Alex N.

Took Cozmo to meeting. Turned heads.
- Cliff D.

Cozmo Seen...Cozmo Came....Cozmo Conquered
- Michael R.

Cozmo: super quality and very functional
- Jeff G.

Cosmo, Functional Durable Organized Smart Light
- Patrick L.

Leather Cozmo: modern, practical ... just right.
- Mark R.