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Six-Word Testimonials

The magic of six! Six word stories (Ernest Hemingway), six word memoirs (Smith Magazine), six second videos (Vine). Now, six word customer testimonials from WaterField Designs. Care to try? Show your creativity.

Bolt Laptop Briefcase

Bolt canvas gorgeous awesome retro looking
- Kai C., England

The Bolt is another WaterField hit!
- Michael C., New Jersey

Practically perfect, in absolutely every way.
- Amy S., California


External Mac drive has amazing home!
- Dean D., Michigan

Sleep well, my Surface Pro 3.
- David H., Virginia

Outback case keeps my iPad safe.
- Kevin L., Washington

SleeveCase for iPad & Keyboard exceptional!
- Michael J., Texas

Nexus 9 Sleeve: Best sleeve yet!
- Michael C., New Jersey

HAPPY with my Apple SuperDrive Sleeve!
- Patricia C., U.S.A.

Kindle snug asa bug ina rug.
- Downing B., Oregon

Best sleeve I have ever owned!
- Stan W., California

Just arrived, laptop case, best ever!
- Bob M., Georgia

Your tablet case is the best.
- Tony V.

Dropped laptop. Not broken. Thanks, Waterfield!
- Amy B.

After that, my laptop should have broken.
- David C.

Have Pixel? Need WaterField! Enough said.
- Jeff S.

Tight but comfortable fit, durable quality.
- Sebastien B.

Sleevecase helps calm my anal retentiveness
- Eric T.

First case! iPad mini is cozy.
- Wes H.

Sleeve pull tab, pure unadulterated genius!
- Patricia C., Massachusetts

My iPad's one and only nest...
- Mario C., Italy

Outback Slip Case is amazingly BEAUTIFUL!
- Mike M., Idaho


What a cracking bit of kit.
- David H., Lancashire, United Kingdom

OUTBACK is great in the OUTBACK.
- Max N., Australia

Top quality...very happy with my Solo.
- Georgi B., Bulgaria

Bonniest bag in Edinburgh? Och aye!
- Doug I., Scotland

Outback Solo my iPad Air Taxi
- Teri T.

Outback Solo – Chic, Lightweight
- Teresa L.

Sleevecase was for backpack. Now solo.
- Jonathan P.


Rough Rider arrived. Muzetto isn't lonely!
- Cale C., Texas

Rough Rider. Form. Function. Indestructible. Me.
- Sam H., Georgia

Rough Rider Messenger best bag ever.
- Brian C., Florida

Rough Rider love at first sight!
- Fernando M., Maryland


First review ever, Outback Sleeve awesome!
- Alex S., Virginia

Outback Sleeve can hug XPS too!
- Reid H., Washington

Outback sleeve superb. Samsung tablet Aussiefied!
- Dennis L.

outback sleeve: rugged, stylish -- it's me!!
- John R.



Staad backpack is elegant and functional!
- Brian J., Oregon

Love, Love, LOVE my Staad Backpack!
- Stephen C., California

Staad: sleek, sturdy, stylish-- worth every$!
- Helena S., Victoria, Australia

Staad, like your greatest back massage.
- Andreas H., Sweden

My last backpack ever, love it.
- Magnus L., WI

Staad Stout is simply excellent
- Brian N., Michigan

(Staad) - Best backpack ever. Worth every penny!
- Brandon H., Idaho

Staad, couldn’t decide so bought two!
- Alex L., Hawaii

Staad, best backpack in the marketplace
- Sig B., United States

Staad is the backpack for me!
- Jay J.

Just from looking at the bag…this is a must-own bag
- Jesper N.



Cozmo bag great for everyday use.
- David S., California

Cozmo + Laptop Sleeve= :) MBP Retina
- Alex N.

Took Cozmo to meeting. Turned heads.
- Cliff D.

Cozmo Seen...Cozmo Came....Cozmo Conquered
- Michael R.

Cozmo: super quality and very functional
- Jeff G.

Cosmo, Functional Durable Organized Smart Light
- Patrick L.

Leather Cozmo: modern, practical ... just right.
- Mark R.




Awesome Indy bag and excellent service
- Fadi M., United Arab Emirates

Indy: husband-, toddler-, and baby-resistant!
- Sooah B., Switzerland

Everyone is jealous of my Indy.
- Antimere R