DAY 67, May 22 - 3 Things You Need Before Heading Back to the Gym

DAY 67, May 22 - 3 Things You Need Before Heading Back to the Gym

It’s time to get back into shape, but as gyms begin to reopen, what do you need before suiting up and heading back in? Information, safety supplies, and the right gym bag!

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Most gym duffels are too big for the limited gear you’ll need until the pandemic is behind us. With gym locker rooms closed or smartly avoided for now, you won’t be hauling all your toiletries and a change of clothes — you’ll want to shower when you get back home. The ideal gym bag is compact so you can carry necessities from machine to machine.

The handcrafted Bootcamp Gym Bag by WaterField Designs stands upright so it occupies a small footprint.

Two side pockets expand to hold your water bottle and an energy-boosting protein drink. Easy-access front and back pockets are ideal for stashing your safety supplies, your lifting gloves, and your hand towel. The main compartment leaves ample space for a larger towel to line your car seat on the way home, plenty of healthy snacks for refueling, and anything you might need for a quick errand while you’re out and about.