DAY 24, Apr. 9 - Let's do our part. Stay 6-ft apart.

DAY 24, Apr. 9 - Let's do our part. Stay 6-ft apart.

Social distancing helps. This just in from our customer inbox:

"I'm a radiology resident in the ICU. COVID is a terrifying disease. Coming from a frontline worker I want to remind you and to remind your company that this virus does not discriminate based on age. We’ve had several people in their 20s-50s succumb to this disease. The majority of our patients are on supplemental oxygen, ultimately needing to be intubated and hooked up to a ventilator. Statistically, once it gets to that point there is approximately an ~80% mortality rate for the most common reason for death which is multi-organ failure.

The best thing everyone can do right now is to practice social distancing, preferably staying at home. A person can be contagious long before they show symptoms and if they do not come into contact with another they will never have a chance to spread the virus. Asymptomatic viral shedding is the cause of spread and necessitates social distancing.

The next best thing is to NOT touch your face and to wash your hands with soap often and regularly. People can wear masks if they like, however these masks may or may not block aerosols and particulate measured in micrometers. I realize the CDC may say that the virus would not be able to live on non-organic surfaces, some controversial studies are coming out saying the virus can remain for up to 3-4 days."  - Alan T., NY

"I'm a respiratory/critical care physician in the greater Seattle area. Social distancing is most important as well as getting adequate sleep and nutrition." - Scott B., WA


Every bit helps flatten the curve.