DAY 40 & 41, Apr. 25/26 - Dispatches from Singapore

DAY 40 & 41, Apr. 25/26 - Dispatches from Singapore

People queue up at Singapore's popular Puggol Nasi Lemak, making sure they comply with social-distancing rules. According to one customer, enforcement officers patrol and issue fines if anyone stands too close.

Other customers write:

"In Singapore, the government is providing large subsidies and assistance to the citizens, especially groups that are in need of assistance. However, the supermarket situation and price gouging is still an inevitable reality that we are facing. A box of 50 surgical masks is going for $39 SGD (~ $27 USD). Our country is not on full lockdown at the moment, only heavy restrictions on non- essential meetings are placed. Most F&B businesses and retailers are still open, however, sales have plummeted in these industries. Every once in awhile I still pop by my local coffee shop to support local businesses. I would definitely say that staying at home is ideal, however, wearing masks when leaving the house is a fairly safe choice." - Jarrett K., Singapore


"We in Singapore are in partial lockdown, outdoor exercise is still permissible. If possible, do individual walking/running (4-5m gap) and cycling (20-25m gap) within safe social distance. These exercises will help boost Immunity to coronavirus." - Michael T., Singapore

We appreciate hearing about your experiences around the world. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.