How the Vitesse Collection Solved a South Sea Scuba Packing Dilemma

As told to us by Cleofe S., freshly back from a scuba diving trip:

"On a recent trip in the South China Sea, my Vitesse Duffel and Vitesse Cycling Musette came in quite handy. I had to take a small plane to an even smaller island that was to be the base of my week-long diving adventure. 

The propellor plane I was on insisted on only one luggage weighing 20 kg and one hand-carry at 10 kg. Lucky that I had my Vitesse bags with me. I was able to roll the Duffel and Musette  and stuff it into my waterproof yellow North Face duffel during transport, then take them out once I got to my destination. 

This made it very convenient for me to takes walks with my camera, sunscreen, and water bottle stowed in my Musette, and I was able to put my beach stuff in the Duffel when I wandered off on my own." 

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