Ten Perfect Gifts Tech-Savvy Moms will Love

Still looking for something special for Mom? If she relies on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to stay connected, here's our Top Ten suggestions to keep her joyful:

1. The Balani Laptop Backpack for toting around her tech gear and tons of other stuff, no kidding. It's super comfortable, even when full, and has a padded compartment just for the laptop. For an added health kick, the feminine S traps encourage better posture.

2. For talking and walking at the same time, the Abby iPhone Case keeps Mom's hands free from holding the phone to her ear. It also doubles as a small purse, and can be inserted in larger bags or backpacks.

3.  The Scarlett Sleeve is custom-fit for MacBooks and iPads and comes in eye-popping graphics or black ballistic nylon. The thick neoprene interior absorbs shocks, protecting the device from everyday dings, and there's a dedicated Apple Pencil slot.  She'll love the thoughtful touch. 

4. If she has a Surface Book or Surface Pro, check out the custom-fitted sleeves that come with a dedicated spot for the Surface Pen.

5. The  Vitesse Field Tote makes an excellent Farmers' Market bag, sturdy enough to carry root vegetables and bottles of olive oil. Get the burgundy color so she can easily be spotted through the crowd. It also doubles as an vacation bag she can roll up and use in emergencies.

6. The smart-looking Staad Attaché is the ideal size to pass as a purse or a laptop bag. On weekdays she can use it to work, and in the weekends, take it to the local coffee shop to hang out. No one will ever know her laptop or tablet is in tow.

7. For Moms who tend to misplace things, the Atelier Gear Case is perfect for all the small items that come with the iPad Pro. The beautiful premium leather alone will earn you points.   

8.  The Vitesse Duffel is a gym bag that looks good enough to take on weekend getaways. It also rolls up so you can pack it away to hold last minute souvenirs when on vacation. 

9.  The VertiGo Laptop Bag is a perfect travel companion. It can hold guidebooks, a bottle of water, an e-reader, or a tablet. The vertical orientation distributes the weight so it's comfortable to carry. 

10. Of course, you can always get a WaterField Gift Card and let Mom choose the perfect gift for her perfect self. 

Surprise her with any of these items and spread the love. To top it off, they are all made right here in San Francisco.