The Franklin Tote - a tribute to Ben & American Made

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" - Benjamin Franklin

Even good ol' Ben would approve of the construction of the Franklin Tote, made of sturdy full-grain leather with a bit of nylon for color. 

The stitching is top notch, bearing through layers of leather without breaking cadence. Well-placed rivets located where the strap meets the top part of the bag ensures that the top doesn't buckle in when carrying heavy loads. The leather handle, dense enough for a belt, has a grippy shoulder guard stitched at the top to prevent it from slipping off your shoulders. The handle is of standard length— just right so it doesn't drag on the floor when carrying it, and is at a comfortable distance away from your undearm when hanging on your shoulders.

Perfect for commuters, travelers, and those looking for a sturdy tote to carry all manner of items.