New! A cycling toolkit for tools + phone that fits in your jersey pocket

Sometimes it's just easier and more convenient to have all your cycling essentials in one spot. No fussing around with a tool pouch attached to your frame; your phone stuffed in your back pocket wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it dry; and your cash in a zipped pocket with your keys. No wonder the Velominati followers take The Rules of cycling etiquette seriously, especially this one:

Rule #31: "Spare tires, multi-tools, and repair kits should be stored in jersey pockets."

With Gary being an avid cyclist, it was just a matter of time before he addressed this issue with the Cycling Ride Pouch. Co-developed with Eleven Velo of Australia, this new product represents the company's entry into the cycling market. Like a true WaterField product, it's made of the best materials— full-grain leather, top-notch self-locking zipper, and lined with Ultrasuede. When stowed in your back pocket, it organizes all the contents to take advantage of the rectangular space so there's no bulk and feels lightweight. 


Photo by Russell Standring, France.