5 TOP Reasons Why the Spinn iPhone 6 Case is a Crowd Pleaser

Just how do you suppose you'll fit the iPhone 6 Plus in your pants pocket? Faced with that dilemma, our design team came up with The Spinn Case, a holster that clips onto a belt. Here's why you might find it appealing:

1. Like a pants pocket, it keeps the iPhone 6 Plus close to you at all times.
2. Made of full-grain leather, it looks beautiful at your side. You can match it with your belt or shoes for a coordinated wardrobe.
3. Your earbuds will never be tangled again. The ingenious earbud wheel lets you reel the cord to the length you need it and keeps it organized when not in use.
4. You can take calls and leave the phone in the holster, leaving your hands free to do other things.
5. It doesn't have to stay on your belt; it unclips easily so you can stash it in a bag or put on your desk.

Give the Spinn a try!