We handcraft iPhone 6 Spinn Cases in our workshop - USA made iPhone Holsters

We are hard at work at our local San Francisco workshop making the iPhone 6 Spinn Case as quickly as we can. A leather holster you can attach to your belt or bag strap, the Spinn is made of premium leather we purchased from a local vendor a few miles away. 

With the iPhone 6 Plus bigger than a normal pants pocket, most people need a convenient place to tuck their phone away. Many have found the holster style of the Spinn Case to be just the right soution for them.

"Spinn: finally a hip belt case!"  - Ric G., Oregon

"iPhone 6 case was office hit!" - Maurice S., Jakarta, Indonesia

"Spinn Case- beautiful, tough, worth it!" - Dean B., New Orleans, Lousianna

We use full grain, naturally tanned leather—the best money can buy—to make the Spinn. We skive the leather to the right thickness, then cut it to the right dimensions, and finally sew it all together in our local workshop in San Francisco.

If leather is not your cup of tea, we have other iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases you might want to consider.