The Bolt Briefcase lets frequent fliers sprint from airport to office without missing a beat

Today's busy execs need a go-to briefcase that can hold all their tech gear + essential accessories that looks at home in the office and in casual settings. For those who fly often, these are items they'd like to have at the ready, not stowed in the overhead compartment. The new Bolt Briefcase was designed with these people in mind.

The Bolt can stand upright under the seat in front of you. It's slim enough (even when full)  that it takes up little room so you can still fully stretch your feet out. The back has a slot that slips onto the handle of a rolling suitcase, making it easy to sprint to the next flight with everything in tow. The roomy main compartment can hold a few files, magazines, and a water bottle. The exterior has a hidden zippered pocket to hold foreign currency, keys, and confidential documents. Boarding passes and passports are conveniently placed in one of the two front snap pockets.

Perhaps the Bolt's best feature, despite all its functionality, is that it really looks good at your side and keeps you organized and productive wherever you may be. Use the Bolt to transport you Mac, Lenovo, Dell, Windows laptop, your iPad, Surface Pro, and tablet, and work supplies in style.