The CASE for a custom-fit SLEEVE for your new Dell XPS 13

Voted CES 2015 Laptop Top Pick, the new Dell XPS 13 is surprisingly fun to use. Inserting it into a custom-fit WaterField Dell Laptop Sleevecase ensures it will stay protected from the elements and the occasional ding. A soft neoprene interior hugs the XPS so it doesn't rattle around. An exterior ballistic nylon shell is hearty enough to ward off blunt objects. You can choose a horizontal or vertical orientation,add a strap or an optional Piggbyback (for storing all the accessories). It can function on its own or be inserted into another bag.

When going to meetings or the neighborhood cafe, choose from the SleeveCase or a variety of other WaterField laptop bags, briefcase, backpack, or messenger bags to transport your new Dell XPS 13 in. You'll feel good and look good, too!