The musette bag goes from cycling's peloton to today's urban streets with the new Vitesse

Traditional musette bags carry food and replenishments for cyclists on long races. Team members hand these bags to their racers in "Feed Zones" and the racers quickly transfer food to their jersey pockets or consume their lunch in a hurry, all while still pedaling. Musettes are simply constructed bags with an open compartment and a long handle that allows cyclists to strap them cross body and easily access contents with one hand. Once empty, the riders toss the musettes to the side of the road. Fans love to pick them up as souvenirs.

WaterField Designs took the musette's best aspects—it's lightweight, straightforward and compact design—and added new touches to make it a great bag for everyday use.

The new Vitesse Cycling Musette:

  • is made of more durable material—waxed canvas & leather
  • has a wider, more comfortable strap that can be adjusted
  • has a bit more depth so it can carry more without bulging
  • contains two deep pockets to organize small items
  • closes with a black metal stud and an adjustable leather strap
  • lets you choose from two options: with a flap or without

These modifications make the Vitesse more functional for today's use, whether on the bike or off. You won't find the traditional team logos adorning the modern Vitesse but rather a choice of three rich, subdued waxed-canvas colors. No longer just a lunch bag for the peloton, the new sporty Vitesse cycling musette fits right in with commuters and city folk too.

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