Top 3 Reasons To Update Your Nylon Saddle Bag

The new Rapide Saddlebag is a handsome alternative to those small nylon pouches that fit under your seat. You should convert to the Rapide because:

1. It's Roomier. You can organize all your tools in the handy Mini Tool Roll that fits neatly inside the Rapide leather compartment.

2. It's Handsome. Made of full-grain leather and solid studs, this is a heavy-duty saddlebag. It's kept securely in place with a leather toe clip so it doesn't swing to and fro when you're riding.

3. It's Convenient. It's easy to open so you can quickly get at your tools. It's easy to take off when you're parking your bike in a public area.

Treat yourself to a saddlebag that attracts as much attention as your bike.