The Musette: the #1 Souvenir from the Tour de France, July 4-26, 2015

Ever wondered how the riders on the Tour de France get their sustenance? These throw-away musettes contain lunch and liquids which they eat while pedaling. If you place yourself just past the feed zone, you may be lucky enough to catch one of these souvenirs as the pack pedals by. You won't find these at any gift shop, though.

WaterField's Vitesse Cycling Musette is the city cousin to these disposable lunch bags. Made of smooth waxed canvas and full grain leather, it is built to last. Two pockets and a wide compartment can hold lunch, a tablet or laptop, and a magazine or two. It's a perfect size for commuting, because it limits what you can carry to just the essentials. The big brother to the Musette is the Vitesse Messenger, which can hold a whole lot more—e gym clothes or a jacket—and it includes a cross-body strap to keep it stable on your back when riding.

Bonne Route!