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The Top 5 Uses for the NEW WaterField Field Tote

Posted Sep 01, 2015

The Field Tote is so versatile and good looking that you can take it anywhere and feel good about having it with you. We asked some of our customers what they intended to use it for, and here's what they said:

#5: Dad's kid bag.  This is not officially a diaper bag, but who's to say you can't stash diapers, milk bottles, onesies, a blanket and a teddy bear inside? Keep your phone or keys in the inside zippered pocket or front outer pocket. The handles are just long enough to fit over one shoulder or to hold the bag with your free hand.

#4: For gym gear. Use it to store all that gear you carry around with you when you're doing your workout. Put your sweaty towel, water bottle, smartphone, notebook for logging your workout, and your vitamin drink all in here. It's so much simpler to put all that in the Field Tote rather than carry them all individually.

#3: As a carry-on.  You'll be surprised at how much can fit in this Tote. You'll easily comply with the two-bag restriction when you stash the small items you've picked up on your way to the departure gate: newspapers, magazines, take-out food, bottle of water,  plus  your laptop-in-a-sleeve. You can also tuck the bag under the seat in front of you.

#2: The weekend carry-all. For those impromptu, vaguely-planned weekend getaways, the Field Tote is the perfect companion. Use it for the local farmer's market, throw in beach towels and a picnic blanket, or stow just-purchased bottles of wine from the winery you just discovered. 

#1: The office "briefcase." Show your colleagues the fun-loving, creative side of you by using a tote instead of a backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase at work. The tote's sublime colors and leather accents give it that professional look and shows you mean business. It's spacious and durable enough to hold your portable office.

How do you use your WaterField Field Tote? Tell us at HeyGary@sfbags.com. We'd love to hear from you!


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