5 smart-looking laptop bags that slip onto your carry-on's handle so you can dash thru the airport

"The Frequent Flyers' Journal" chronicles our customers' experiences while traveling the world. This is Note #2. 

Slipping your briefcase onto your carry-on's handle helps you dash to the Boarding Gate that's about to close, or maneuver through the narrow aisle of the Newstand to get your last minute reading, or keep your personal items organized in the washrooms. So, we've added this feature to our laptop bags used frequently for traveling. 

See all our bags that have a slot in the back for slipping onto your wheelie's handle. Not only do the bags sport functional features, they're also smart-looking.

1. The Cargo Bag:

"I am a long time Tumi buyer. I, like many, roamed countless airports with a black leather alpha 2. *yawn*! I purchased the cargo bag and have never looked back. It is very stylish, unique, and incredibly functional. Im a Waterfield customer for life." -Scott S.

"Absolutely the best bag I have ever had!!! I was pulled out of line for a TSA search yesterday. The TSA agent that was searching through my bag said, “I see a lot of bags here. This is the nicest one I have ever seen.” - Douglas S.

"...The zippered pocket on the front flap is awesome too. It especially came in handy at the airport. Going through security is a real pain, having to collect all your items and put them away again. Well, when the time came, I was able to quickly stuff my phone, keys, aluminum business card holder, and wallet inside and be on my way. The bag has a special pocket for your iPhone that is separate from the larger section of the front zippered pocket, so I knew my iPhone would be protected from the other items." - Doug 

2. The Cozmo Briefcase:

"I purchased the Cozmo 2.0 Laptop Bag with high expectations based on the reviews of others and colleague experiences with the team at WaterField Designs. I was happily surprised with the build quality, design functionality and style of the bag. A must-have for any business traveller who demands functionality, however does not want to succumb to black nylon based products of other manufacturers." - Adam H.

"I travel at least two weeks per month. I have been searching for the perfect travel bag - stylish and practical. I finally found the perfect bag!" -Jill L.

3. The Bolt Briefcase:

"This bag is the perfect size for my ipad pro, notebook PC, a couple of magazines, plus all the associated cables and power supplies and travel do-dahs I need to take with me. The right number of pockets. The gold-tone lining actually is a big help in finding whatever it is I'm looking for at the moment. I love the underspoken executive look and feel. The canvas and leather seem like they will age with grace. Hopefully their owner is doing the same. Waterfield's attention to detail in workmanship is evident everywhere." - Stephen S.

"I have always been a bit of a bag junkie, always on the search for something that I can use everyday but also something I can take as my carry on for international air travel. I'm an industrial photographer which is where the bag search originated I'm sure
and I have a cupboard full of great bags but for a long time I couldn't find anything that would work for me every day. Until the Bolt came along that is. I had been reading reviews online for this bag for a while and after a couple of emails with Gary I ordered the small Bolt. Firstly it arrived here in Australia in about 4 days which was great and since then I have been using it everyday and taking it everywhere whether to a meeting, the shops or on a shoot. It's small enough that it's not in the way but big enough it holds everything I need. Today I'm off on a shoot and its holding a pair of 10x25 binos, Leica DLux, iPad mini, notebook, headphones, wallet, a pouch of SD cards and USB drives, an SF Bags pouch with pens, leatherman and cables, a backup battery for my iphone and my Contigo travel mug.... Plus there is still room for my MacBook Air if I needed it today. All I can say is that if you are looking for a bag that you can carry everyday, that looks great, is made beautifully then you need to give the Bolt a serious look...." - Mark G.

4. The Staad Attaché

"I’ve been using a great backpack for awhile now. Carrying way to much stuff so I decided to downsize and found this incredible Staad Attache bye WaterField online. All I wanted was to carry my iPad Pro, business cards, headphones, etc. This is a perfect fit! And it looks great too! Of course the quality is excellent!" - Robert M.

"After months of bookmarking and looking for just the right bag for daily use, I pulled the plug on the Staad Attache - which was also my first Waterfield purchase. Exceptional bag from the smell to the build quality to looks - I get compliments and questions all the time. Carrying an iPad and keyboard, cables and adapters for presentations, chargers, Moleskine, and 8x11 folder with essential reference info and very thin, plenty of room for more if I wanted. My first purchase but not my last!" - Jonathan H.

5. The Bolt Backpack

"When you have to carry your iPad Pro, your 15 inch MacBook, camera gear, the good headphones and every dongle under the sun this is the bag for you. I love the loop that holds it on your suitcase handle, when you’re not wearing the backpack. There’s plenty of other storage for phones, wallets, airline tickets and their still space left over. When you know you have to travel and you’re taking everything except the kitchen sink grab the bolt backpack. I think I have five different bags for different purposes from Waterfield. I really have to stop buying so many bags… But I love their stuff." - William R.

"I love it! I did a one-nighter in SF and was able to pack all my clothes as well as all my technical stuff--computer and files." - John B.

Maybe you'll see a WaterField product on your next flight!