How to Make a Cozmo - the WaterField Way

Good things come to those who wait.

Cozmo BagHow does WaterField Designs make a Cozmo? One batch at a time. 

The Cozmo is a good example of a WaterField made-to-order bag. The product is cut, sewn and assembled by our experts who are real sticklers for quality. We make sure everything is top notch every step along the way.

For the Cozmo, we start with one beautiful cow hide. Using a single hide ensures that the bag has a consistent look throughout. We use customized dies that cut individual pieces with precision. We skive the leather to create a suppleness that meets our standards. We then carefully stitch all pieces together with a meticulous eye for detail. 

Once finished cutting and sewing, we add the finishing touches, and deliver your Cozmo to our fulfillment team who package it up and send it to your doorstep!