The WaterField difference: Laptop bags and cases that fit just right. No wiggling around.

At WaterField, we have always paid attention to the little stuff—especially to making sure that our SleeveCases fit their laptops and tablets precisely with very little wiggle room. We think the custom-fit helps with protection. And aesthetically, a snug fit gives your case a cleaner and more professional look.

That's why you'll notice that when you order one of our Sleeves, the sizes are device-specific. Our briefcases, backpacks, and some messenger-style bags also have built-in laptop compartments that are sized according to your laptop's dimensions. We even created a new bag category that is a sleeve/bag hybrid for those who just want to carry their laptop plus power adapter. 

You want to use a front and back cover for your tablet? How about a Keyboard Smart Cover for your iPad Pro? Where would you stash the pencil or stylus? We take all this into consideration when creating our designs.

So many specialized sizes could quickly become a headache for any inventory guy, but because everything is made locally in our workshop, we are able to produce in small batches. With small production runs, we can give every single order the attention it deserves and get each case to fit just as it should. 

We care that your devices are properly protected, so leave it to us to sweat out the details.