Be the first to know! New cases for the Switch Lite

Be the first to know! New cases for the Switch Lite

Are you excited to see Ninendo's newest addition to the Switch family—the Switch Lite? We are!

The new Nintendo Switch Lite, to be released this September 20, is a dedicated handheld device designed to be easy to take with you wherever you go. As a result, the main unit and control inputs are integrated into one piece of hardware and the directional buttons have been swapped out for a +Control Pad. All Switch hand-held games like Zelda, Super Mario, and MarioKarte can be played on the Switch Lite, but for other games like the "1-2 Switch," you'll still need Joy-Con controllers. 

The Switch Lite is smaller than the original Nintendo Switch; the screen shrinks from 6.2- to 5.5-inches. The new Switch model doesn't support Bluetooth headphones, but it does come with a standard headphone jack. You'll be able to order it in yellow, turquoise, and gray. The price is $200, a hundred dollars less than the original Switch. 

How will the Switch Lite differ from the regular Nintendo Switch?

- It won't connect to a TV.
- You'll still need Joy-Con controllers to play non-handheld games.
- Controllers are permanently attached.
- A traditional D-pad is available on the left side.

The best news: longer battery life! 

Is the Switch Lite the console you've been waiting for?

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Source: Gamespot article, July 25, 2019