What to Carry the new thin MacBook, iPad Pro and Surface Pro in? Equally thin compact bags!

eep With Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and just about every other PC vendor coming out with ever thinner laptops and tablets, it's time to take a look at the cases you're carrying them in. 

WaterField Designs redesigned two of their popular thin cases to carry more gear yet keep their slim profiles:

  • The Zip Brief has a 2" depth and it can hold a laptop or tablet, plus the power supply, cords, mouse, and anything else you might need for a mobile office. With its leather grab handle, it's the skinnier version of a standard canvas briefcase. 

  • The Outback Solo has an even slimmer profile, with a sleeve for the body and a cleverly-designed front pocket that can expand to accommodate a power brick. 

Both are handsome-looking and fit right in at the office, café, or workshare space. They are perfect for the truly minimalist worker who only needs a few key items to stay productive wherever he may be.  The unique designs and the canvas + leather or ballistic + leather materials will invite appreciative looks.