Congratulations! Cool Gifts for the 2017 Millenial Grad

Help ease the transition from University to the workforce by giving your Graduate a WaterField bag or case. The backpacks don't scream "college", the messenger bags are business-looking, and the briefcases  have a youthful style.

"...I bought my first Waterfield sleeve from UC Berkeley as a freshman in college. Now, almost 7 years later, I still have that sleeve (and that laptop) along with 2 other sleeves and they're all alive and kickin'. I have to say they're the only bag I purchased that has lived through my abuse and still maintain a well thought-out design that hasn't damaged my laptops in anyway (I've bought a few others that ended up scratching my laptop with because of the zipper design!). Bravo!" - David

"This is a gorgeous backpack that feels like it will last an extremely long time. I was looking for something more professional than my North Face backpack I've used since I started graduate school, and this definitely fits the bill." - Samuel R. 

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