The Next Generation Gear Cases are now ready — a crowdsourced design project

For close to two months, we worked with customers to design their dream gear case. (See "Next Generation Gear Case.") We asked them what features they'd like to see, what tech accessories they carry every day, and how they organized their gear. Their responses led to these design goals: organization, quick access, and flexibility. Their feedback also made clear that there are three different types of users:

    • Minimalists who just need an extra pocket to stow a few essentials
    • Gadgeteers who carry tech gear with them wherever they go
    • Pros who are IT consultants and experts in their field who carry a significant amount of gear in order to be ready for any situation

For these three types of users, we developed three different types of organizational cases. 

We chose to use a pocket storage system in our cases, as we found that pockets are convenient for cable management; it's more convenient to insert un-coiled, jumbled-up cords into a pocket than it is to coil them up and tie them down with a band. And with pockets, it's just as easy to take them out. 

A multitude of pockets helps to create flexibility because customers store different types of gear— bulky or slim, big or small. Transparent mesh pockets make it quick and easy to see what items are stored with just a glance.

WaterField's three new cases all feature pockets in their final design:

      1. The Tech Pocket for the Minimalists
      2. The Tech Folio for the Gadgeteers
      3. The Tech Folio Plus for the Pros

By designing bags and cases with input and constant feedback from customers, we're able to include details to support how they'll be used every day. 

Thank you to the hundreds of customers who participated in the Next Generation Gear Case community design project!