Expecting a NEW MacBook Pro Touch Bar, iPad Pro or Surface Book under the tree? Accessory Pouches are the perfect complement!

At WaterField, we care as much about your laptop accessories as the laptop itself. We know the frustration of losing your Apple Pencil or Surface Pen, of forgetting the HDMI adapter so you can't hook up to a projection screen, or misplacing a cord you knew you had taken along.  

For the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, its multiple accessories can fit nicely in a Padded Gear Pouch or in one of the three sizes of Gear Pouches

We also offer pouches that are specific to your device so you can easily locate all the little pieces of gear when it's time to use them. Here's what we're talking about:

  • The Atelier iPad Gear Case is for storing all the accessories for the iPad Pro. Its pockets are sized for specific iPad Pro items, and a slot keeps the Pencil in place.
  • The Surface Accessories Pouch is for the Surface Pro and includes a loop for keeping the Surface Pen secure under a zippered pocket.
  • The Intrepid Travel Wallet, designed for the iPhone 7, gives the option of a full screen or one with a cut-out for accessing the Home Button (if full screen, use Assistive Touch). 

These cases can also be used to store other items, but they are optimized for the devices they were designed for.

Check out our entire collection of Pouches to find what you need.

Padded Gear Pouch