The Air Porter helps bring back memories of the good ol' days of flying.

"The Frequent Flyers' Journal" chronicles our customers' experiences while traveling the world. This is Note #3.

When we designed the Air Porter Carry On Bag, we worked with our globetrotting customers to understand their requirements. We share some of the results with you.

"I was lucky enough to get the bag overnighted to me and use it for my 10 day European trip. I was able to fit so much without it getting or feeling bulky - Large Bluetooth head phones, canon m3 camera with 18-125 lease, Large iPad Pro, a hat, phone charger, extra portable charger , camera charger, passport and travel documents , mints, gum, Advil and a couple other small items. The bag then slid perfectly over my carry on handle and was easy to travel with through the airport and train stations. It fit perfectly under the seat informs of me both on the airplane and on the Euro trains. Looked great and durable. So glad I have this bag. THANK YOU!!!" - Frank V.


"Just logged lots of airline miles with my new Air Porter. Even full with laptop, chargers, wallet, extra eyeglasses and all the miscellaneous things one accumulates, it stood up straight under the seat (even on regional jets) leaving ample leg room. The Air Caddy tucked into the seat back pocket -- although it is a tad snug. The AP's magnetic adjustable flap works really well, while the small front outside pocket was great for boarding passes and ID. My water bottle (and it is small) did not fit into the side pocket, as the pocket is quite narrow at the bottom so it can be "folded" and snapped when empty. That was a little disappointing. That being said, this well made, good-looking Air Porter once again portrays the quality products designed and produced by SF Bags. Soon I shall slip the AP over the handle of my carry on and head for another flight. Thank you, Gary and crew, for making my travel days a little easier." - JoAnn B., Santa Barbara


"Gary, you and the team knocked this one out of the park! The Air Porter has accompanied me on a quick jaunt to San Diego and up to Las Vegas where I am currently. As I travel and work at music festivals, I tend to need/want all my gear and assets placed and accessible in an orderly fashion. The Air Porter has allowed for such consistency. I received delivery on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well as the 9.7" Samsung Tab S3, both of which fit perfectly. The tablet pouch was smooth in/out and fit nicely in the seatback. The bag itself slid nicely, standing upright under the seat, allowing the extra room for my feet. All as advertised! I really enjoyed the crowd-design approach. I believe the moment I saw it the pre-order email, I quickly put in my order. It showed up right on time as well. Maybe even a day early! I have been recently traveling with a Porter-Tokyo bag, and now, with the Waterfield-SF Air Porter, global bag dominance! Cheers!" - Norman R., Las Vegas