How to save time getting through Airport Security TSA lines this summer

Since airport TSA Security lines predicted to be long and slow this summer travel season, here are a few ways to help you save time at the airport:

1. Keep your laptop in the Dash Sleeve or SleeveCase.
* Good news: No need to take out your laptop when it goes through the scanner.

2. Start with a light load
* Take care to pack thoughtfully. Plan to use every item at least twice.
* Use the lightweight Bolt Duffel or Vitesse Duffel for carry-on so you don't need to wait for luggage at your destination.

3. Take a backpack for hands-free movement
* The Staad Backpack has padded compartments for a laptop and a tablet with plenty of room for chargers and cords. 
* Stow it under the seat in front of you so you have all the items you need for the flight within easy reach. 

Vacations and summer trips are exciting. Don't let the long lines at security dampen your spirit; use the right bags for packing and you'll be all set!