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Is a Sling right for you?

Posted Apr 21, 2019

A Sling is a type of cross-body bag worn over the shoulders, either in front or in back. They're incredibly useful for carrying keys, wallets, phones, mints, and anything else that can't fit in in your pockets. Smaller than backpacks, they're not as likely to disturb other people nearby, and they contour to your body really well.  They're practical, functional, and easy to access. 

One can consider the fanny pack, waist pack, belt pack, or as they say in England, bum bags, as earlier versions of today's Sling bags.  All are bigger than a wallet, and smaller than a bag.  Slings are welcome antidotes to the oversized backpacks, and their quick-access approach is practical. The fashion world has taken notice, and Slings have been showing up on catwalks in recent years. 

WaterField's Sutter Tech Sling and Sutter Sling Pouch sport a simple, unfussy design with a unique silhouette. The smaller Sling Pouch is really an extension of your pocket and the medium-sized Sutter Tech Sling holds just a bit more. Both rest comfortably on your back, never overpowering your backside, like some bulky backpacks. The waxed canvas or ballistic nylon combination with premium full grain leather lets you wear these Slings in professional settings, eliciting approving compliments from colleagues and passersby. 

One set of users that would benefit from the Sling's small, convenient format are gamers. For Nintendo Switch users, they can insert their Switch Console into the Sutter Sling Pouch and use it as a Switch carry, taking along other gaming accessories. WaterField created the Taco to wrap around the Switch and keep the screen and attached joy-cons protected while in the bag. The Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch is part of WaterField's extensive collection of Switch cases, all designed specifically for gamers in various gaming scenarios.  

"A sling design keeps the body of your tech next to your body, rather than held at an angle like with a briefcase, yet, unlike a backpack, is easy to get into for quick access by sliding it around. The Sutter Sling has gained my respect as a well-conceived update to earlier slings, that can accommodate your daily minimum carry, be it a laptop, tablet, or books and papers."

Smythe Richbourg, Gadgeteer, January 23, 2019

If you're curious to see if the Sling is right for you, please check out the Sutter Sling Collection.

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