Meet the double-fused Ultrasuede® in the NEW! Fused Suede case for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

For Apple's new iPhone launch, we wanted to create a case that could withstand the daily grind and highlight the beauty of the phone. We loved the feel and properties of Ultrasuede® but worried it might be perceived as too thin.

We shared our concerns with our friends at Osaka-based Toray Industries, and they suggested: "Why not use two pieces of Ultrasuede®?" So that's just what we did. After showing us the latest innovation from their Advanced Fiber R&D team, the Ultrasuede® ER (ER for Extra Rich), we were excited to work with this new material. It's elegant, high quality, and simply beautiful to touch. 

Ultrasuede® ER is a highly tactile and versatile material with a warm and inviting feel. It's soft, plush, and sensuous. Because it's a non-woven material using ultrafine fibers, there's no fraying at the edges and it's highly resistant to pilling, stretching, and shrinking. The colors won't fade, and it's easy to maintain and scratch-free. 

Toray custom-made material for our NEW! Fused Suede iPhone cases just for us by fusing together two Ultrasuede® layers in contrasting colors. It looks beautiful on the streamlined Fused Suede Case for the NEW iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and, iPhone XR. 

Why not give these cases a try and see for yourself how elegant they look and sumptuous they feel?