Surprise your Valentine with something unexpected

If you've already given the traditional flowers, chocolates, and candy before for Valentine's Day, why not try some of these gift tips:

1. The New! VIA Billfold Wallet + a gift card to a special restaurant

2. The Finn Access Wallet + a monthly bus or train pass

3. The Finn Wallet + a coffee card

4. The Micro Wallet + a key (to your heart? to a special door? to a special place?)

5. A pair of fun-loving socks in a WaterField Travel Pouch

If you're the type that's perennially late, you can always give a photo in lieu of the real thing, or try one of these DIY ideas:

* Write one reason you love your special someone on separate slips of paper. Put them all in a self-decorated jar and have him/her take one out every day for the rest of the month.

* Sprinkle your favorite quotes about love in areas in your home that he or she frequents during the day.

* Insert a favorite photo of both of you in a nice or homemade frame.

* Give a bottle of your sweetheart’s favorite wine and a date-night plan to share it together.

* Make homemade hot coco with marshmallows in a cozy mug so you can snuggle up together by the fire.

* Homemade coupon book with five coupons to do his or her least favorite chore once each.

* Brownies, because who doesn’t love homemade brownies?

At the end of the day, though, what really counts is that you remembered at all. Consider this a reminder.

Happy Valentine's Day from the WaterField Team