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Valentine's Day Gift Tips

Surprise your Valentine with something unexpected

Posted Feb 04, 2018

If you've already given the traditional flowers, chocolates, and candy before for Valentine's Day, why not try some of these gift tips:

1. The New! VIA Billfold Wallet + a gift card to a special restaurant

2. The Finn Access Wallet + a monthly bus or train pass

3. The Finn Wallet + a coffee card

4. The Micro Wallet + a key (to your heart? to a special door? to a special place?)

5. A pair of fun-loving socks in a WaterField Travel Pouch

If you're the type that's perennially late, you can always give a photo in lieu of the real thing, or try one of these DIY ideas:

* Write one reason you love your special someone on separate slips of paper. Put them all in a self-decorated jar and have him/her take one out every day for the rest of the month.

* Sprinkle your favorite quotes about love in areas in your home that he or she frequents during the day.

* Insert a favorite photo of both of you in a nice or homemade frame.

* Give a bottle of your sweetheart’s favorite wine and a date-night plan to share it together.

* Make homemade hot coco with marshmallows in a cozy mug so you can snuggle up together by the fire.

* Homemade coupon book with five coupons to do his or her least favorite chore once each.

* Brownies, because who doesn’t love homemade brownies?

At the end of the day, though, what really counts is that you remembered at all. Consider this a reminder.

Happy Valentine's Day from the WaterField Team


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