Curated gift collections for your consideration

To help you find the perfect gifts for the movers and shakers on your list, we've prepared curated Collections for:

They savor the two days in between busy work weeks. Eager to start the weekend, they pack casual wear with work gear so they can transition to personal time soon as they head out of the office. 

They take the subway, trains, buses, scooters, bikes, or vanpools, to work. They like a work bag that is organized, lightweight, and comfortable. 

Day Trippers
They love to explore –– whether in their own hometown or while on vacation.
They'll opt for a comfortable bag sized to carry the
few items they need throughout the day.

They qualify for priority boarding, breeze through immigration lines, and have mastered the art of packing efficiently. They'll pack everything in
a carry-on if they can.

Business Travelers
They're the darlings of the airlines, flying to meetings when the need arises. They work hard on the plane so they need their gear organized and easily accessible.
They attend industry conferences, presenting the keynote or happily attending hardcore sessions. They take along a lightweight bag for their laptop, gear, and the occasional swag tossed to them along the way. 

They're the trailblazers — the leaders who know what they want and who love to engage others in their mission. They troubleshoot problems, tackle challenges, and inspire the people they meet.
There's a trendsetter in every group –– the well-dressed one with the eclectic socks. Everything they wear and carry seems carefully thought through.
They're the ones you go to for style advice. 


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We hope these recommendations help you find just the right gift for everyone on your list.