The NEW! Maverick Leather Messenger Bag weathers the elements to make it uniquely yours

The Maverick Leather Laptop Messenger Bag will appeal to all mavericks who appreciate the romance of stowing futuristic gadgets in a bag with old-world charm. This modern-vintage look has a way of setting itself apart. 

Like the leather saddle bags and postal bags of the Old West, the Maverick leather Messenger bag is cleanly constructed and made to last. It’s cut from one full-grain cowhide, making it more durable and uniform. You can smell the leather; this is the real thing. It’s soft and pliable and invites attention.

The leather will bear the marks of its daily usage and over time will develop a beautiful patina. No two Mavericks will look alike as each will develop its own character and reflect its owner's unique story. It will look even more beautiful years from now than it does today. This is true personalization.

Read the fine review by David Pierini, Cult of Mac  "If cowboys carried MacBooks, they'd use this bag",  January 24, 2017.