The Staad Attaché is iMore's "BEST MAC BAG" and the Syde Case is Windows Central's "BEST LAPTOP BAG" for 2016

Congratulations to the Staad Attaché , winner of "Best Mac Bag, 2016" from iMore

"If you need a stylish bag for the new MacBook Pro or your iPad, you can't go wrong with the WaterField Staad: it has a cushioned compartment for your primary device and pockets and pouches to spare."  - Serenity Caldwell

Accolades also to the Field Muzetto, a runner-up in the same category. 


Congratulations to the Syde Laptop Case , winner of "Best Laptop Bag, 2016" from Windows Central

"If you need a light bag to pack your Surface or laptop, the Syde pushes boundaries and innovation. Something you don't say very often with laptop bags!"  - Daniel Rubino

For those with a Mac, there is also the Syde for MacBook


This is a great way to start off 2017! A new year. A new look. A new you! If these bags are already part of your wardrobe-- you have excellent taste!