best of laptop bag 2016

The Staad Attaché is iMore's "BEST MAC BAG" and the Syde Case is Windows Central's "BEST LAPTOP BAG" for 2016

Posted Feb 12, 2017

Congratulations to the Staad Attaché , winner of "Best Mac Bag, 2016" from iMore

"If you need a stylish bag for the new MacBook Pro or your iPad, you can't go wrong with the WaterField Staad: it has a cushioned compartment for your primary device and pockets and pouches to spare."  - Serenity Caldwell

Accolades also to the Field Muzetto, a runner-up in the same category. 


Congratulations to the Syde Laptop Case , winner of "Best Laptop Bag, 2016" from Windows Central

"If you need a light bag to pack your Surface or laptop, the Syde pushes boundaries and innovation. Something you don't say very often with laptop bags!"  - Daniel Rubino

For those with a Mac, there is also the Syde for MacBook


This is a great way to start off 2017! A new year. A new look. A new you! If these bags are already part of your wardrobe-- you have excellent taste!