Top 3 Reasons why the Field Muzetto Laptop Bag may be the IT bag for 2017

With winter bringing us more rain, snow, and sleet than expected, one can't help thinking of spring, sunshine, and a chance to try something new. If you've been carrying around your laptop in the same bag or backpack for some time, why not try a new bag? That's what Luke Thomas did, and after trying the Field Muzetto out for a month, he knew it was the bag for him ("New Year Swag-- Field Muzetoo Laptop Bag"). 

Here's 3 Reasons why the Field Muzetto may just be the bag you've been looking for:

1. Timeless design. Splurge now, and it will continue to pay off years later.
    - works well in the office, while traveling, or commuting
    - durable materials and solid contstruction
    - doesn't look like there's an expensive laptop inside

2. Custom-fit for your MacBook or Surface
    - The vertical shape is flattering to your profile
    - No need to do your own measurements; that has been done for you
    - Everything fits just right so you carry just the necessary items

3.  Recognition from the Press and the Public
     - Windows Central's declared it a Runner-Up for Best Laptop Bag for 2016 (the winner: another WaterField favorite, the Syde Case Laptop Bag)
     - It's hard to beat 78 5-star User Reviews 

Until spring rolls around, give yourself a treat and start using a new Field Muzetto Laptop Bag now to fight off the winter blues. Your daily wardrobe will love the new addition.