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Treat your tech accessories to the finest leather around––soft, buttery, full grain aniline. Until Aug. 31.

Posted Aug 27, 2018

At WaterField, you can expect premium, high-quality leather in the bags and cases we make for Mac laptops, Surface Pros and Gos, PCs, the Nintendo Switch, and more. On the leather, you'll see a few scratches, nicks, or bumps — the hallmarks of genuine cowhide.  These "scars" are proof of the leather's natural origin. And leather in this natural state is durable and ages beautifully, developing that special patina over time that's hard to replicate.

For August, we decided to give our tech accessories a decadent treat –– to encase them in beautiful, sumptuous leather. After all, cords, cables, power adapters, dongles, etc. accompany us just as much as our tech devices, if not more. 

Until August 31, we are offering the Padded Gear Pouches in full grain aniline leather. Full-grain is the highest grade of leather, and its what we use in all our products. It has not been altered by sanding or buffing, and it retains the grain layer, original texture, and markings that naturally occur during a cow's life. Aniline leather is full grain leather immersed in an aniline dye bath which requires no additional paint or insoluble pigments. These leathers are the most natural and often use the most pristine hides. The result is super-soft, high-quality leather that can weather the nicks and scratches of everyday life. 

The true test, however, is in the feel. Touch one of the Limited Edition Padded Gear Pouches, and you won't want to put it down. Each color –– navy, crimson, and cowboy –– come in different textures but all feel just as soft as one another. Each looks beautiful and sophisticated enough to take outside of the office and use for storing personal items. Get all three; at the value price of $99 and $109, they won't last long. 

"So soft, it feels like butter."

Limited Edition Padded Gear Pouch in Aniline Leather. Available until August 31. 

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