The Pro Backpack: Let's design it together

We're starting our next idea-to-product journey and we'd like to invite you along. This time we are setting out to make the ideal executive backpack.

If you're still looking for the perfect backpack to take to your office but don't want to spend the cost a month's apartment rent on it, then join us in designing the next Pro Backpack.

In addition to the office-ready Staad Backpack and the Bolt Backpack we offer today, there seems to be room to add another backpack for the work setting.

"There has been a shift in what constitutes a boardroom-ready bag, and backpacks are assuredly in the game."    
- The Backpacks are Coming, Wall St. Journal, Oct. 12, 2017. 

Other WaterField customer-collaboration projects in 2017 include the Air Porter, the collection of Nintendo Switch cases, and the iPhone Camera Bag for iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Participants have found these participatory experiences satisfying, and we enjoy the close engagement with our customers. 

"It was fun to be a customer that was allowed to give feed back on the design process for the Air Porter. I especially enjoyed that background music on the videos." - Bill R.

"I was happy to be part of the open-source design process for this bag and could not be happier with the end result." - Doug S.

So, if you'd like your requirements to be considered as we design the professional backpack you've been looking for, we invite you to sign up and join the journey from idea-to-product.