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Welcome, iPhone 7! WaterField's round-up of cases for work, travel, or cycling

Posted Sep 30, 2016

If, like most people, you have come to depend on your iPhone or smartphone for the most quotidian of things, then you will likely want it with you at all times. These iPhone 7 cases were designed to make life more convenient for mobile professionals:

  • The all-leather iPhone Spinn Case conveniently snaps on to a belt and features a leather wheel to keep cords from Lightning-connected headphones tangle-free.
  • The Orbit iPhone case features a detachable clip that—like the Spinn—hooks onto belts, pants, or a strap. The case can be rotated for a comfort while sitting.
  • The minimalist iPhone 7 Suede Jacket is made of super-soft Ultrasuede®. It protects the naked iPhone 7 or the iPhone in an Apple Case from scratches. (Recommended for scratch-prone, high-gloss Jet Black iPhone, especially.)
  • The all-leather iPhone Finn Wallet is both an iPhone case and a wallet to carry these essential items.
  • For women, the petite over-the-shoulder PERALTA Abby iPhone Case features a dedicated pocket for the phone plus room for a small wallet and other essentials. The Abby doubles as an elegant purse.
  • For cyclists, the Club Cycling Pouch and the Cycling Ride Pouch hold both the iPhone and bike tools, and are sized to fit perfectly into a jersey pocket.
  • For travelers, we are designing a new travel wallet to hold the iPhone 7 plus a passport, foreign currency, credit cards, and other key travel essentials. The Intrepid iPhone Travel Wallet is currently a Kickstarter project. We are collaborating with a wider audience to put the finishing touches on the final design. The project is currently 950% funded with 19 days before it ends on Sept. 25. 

These cases will fit the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and other similarly-sized phones.

See our entire collection of iPhone Cases.

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