WooferField Journal

A journal for dogs by dogs. Yukon, Editor-in-Chief

The WFJ is more than just a guidebook. Sure, I'll provide tips on how to get your people wrapped around your paw. But I'll also answer questions and share tips from other dogs on how to improve our lives and the lives of our humans. Happy humans, happy dogs.


Share your own canine tips or ask questions with us. Just borrow your human's computer and email me at HeyGary@SFbags.com (attention: Yukon). Let us know about yourself, like how old you are, what is your breed, and wonderful things you do with your human.  





Sure-fire tricks to get treats from humans.
Getting treats, snacks, and yummies from humans is one of the big reasons we dogs keep humans around. It's really not that hard, even though humans can be very slow to...
The secret to getting slow humans out the door real fast
Hello, dog-friends. Yukon here. For my first article in the WooferField Journal I will give advice on something way big important for us dogs: getting your human out the door. Your human...
Editor's Letter
Young Buko contacted me with a number of questions about how to train his wonderful people. He's a smart pup to come to me for advice. As you can see in...