Don't forget to nap!

Don't forget to nap!

Hey Yukon,

Swoop and I would like to know if there is any way to get our human to realize how important napping is, especially during the holidays. I mean, we have a lot to do. We have to inspect the things they bring into the house, analyze the new tree in the house, and why it has shiny things hanging off of it, and sample all of the holiday food. And this is on top of our usual jobs of following the human around and rearranging the location of their shoes in the house. It's exhausting, and the only way we can manage is to take frequent snoozes. What would you recommend? 

Your friends,

Max and Swoop


Hey Max and Swoop,

Our humans are wonderful, but they don't seem to understand the importance of napping. For example, I've tried to explain to my human the critical differences between the noon nap and the early afternoon nap, and he just doesn't get it. It makes me wonder if humans make so many mistakes just because they don't nap enough. 

So I don't have a great answer for you. With most humans the best you can do is lead by example, and hope that they learn a little.  

Whatever you do, don't cut back on your naps. You need to be well-rested to look after your humans, especially during the holidays. 

My predecessor Crosley, shown below, was an expert at taking a nap while at the same time letting his humans know how exhausting they were. The paw over the eyes was one of his patented nap moves. It was smart of him to have his bone nearby, too. As we all know, it's nice to have a little nibble on your bone after you wake up from your nap so that you're ready to look after your human for a while.  

Thanks for the question, Max and Swoop. If anybody else out there has questions or suggestions for me, email me at You can see the fun stuff my humans are working on at WaterField Designs

Your friend,


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