Editor's Letter

Editor's Letter

Young Buko contacted me with a number of questions about how to train his wonderful people. He's a smart pup to come to me for advice. As you can see in the picture below of me with my pupil Tala, he's not the first, or youngest, pup I've mentored. Buko's questions motivated me to come out of retirement to set up The WooferField Journal.

The WFJ will collect tips and stories on all sorts of things, some from me, and some from other wonderful dogs. Hopefully we can make our lives, and our humans' lives, better.  

For now, the key thing to remember about your humans is that they are only human. While they can open the front door and buy pizza, they don't have tails to wag, they're slow with important stuff like treats, and they don't have a glorious fur coat. You will need to help them to help you. Once you have learned how to manage them, you can focus on making the world a happy place, and, of course, have extra time for sniffing the bushes. 

The first thing you can do to help your humans is pretty easy:  smile at them. Eventually your humans will be trained well enough to know what you want them to do when you smile at them, but for now, it will make them happy, which is good. They'll think you're saying to them, "Good human! Good!"

Stay tuned to the WooferField Journal for more tips and stories. If you have questions or stories for me to share, let me know. Use your human's email to contact me at HeyYukon@sfbags.com. You can see the fun stuff my humans are working on at WaterField Designs. And remember to take care of your humans. They need you.


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