Fun work in the kitchen

Fun work in the kitchen

Hello fellow superhero dogs,

With the holidays coming up, our humans will be doing a lot of work in the kitchen. It is our duty to help our humans, and make sure they have company, even when they are in the kitchen.  

Fortunately, we dogs are designed for this. I mean, look at our humans. They're wonderful, and can do amazing things with their hands like open cans of dog food. But when it comes to cleaning out a bowl, humans are poorly designed.  Their heads are too big, their noses are too short, and their tongues seem to be useless. (You can tell humans are embarrassed by their tongues because they never walk around with their tongue hanging out like I do, but I have an awesome tongue.)  

Anyway, we dogs can use our natural abilities to help clean the dishes. Humans use a lot of water when they do this, but we dogs can just stick our perfect noses in there and lick things clean. It's a great thing because we help our humans, and we save water, which is good for the duckies in the lakes.  

We dogs also have glorious fur coats that are designed to get dirty, and then get clean by itself, eventually. Sometimes our humans want to give us a bath, which usually involves both being touched by our humans (awesome!) and treats (awesome!). Our humans, however, aren't so lucky. They don't have a glorious fur coat, so they have to wear clothes. Sometimes they don't want their clothes to get dirty in the kitchen. That's when I encourage my human to wear a WooferField Apron, made by the same humans who make the Wag Hip Pack.  

So get in there and help out your humans in the kitchen, and have a great December!  

As always, send your thoughts and questions to me at You can see the fun stuff my humans are working on at WaterField Designs

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