Holiday kitchen help for your humans

Holiday kitchen help for your humans

Hey Yukon,

You've asked other dogs to write in with questions and suggestions, so I have an idea for you. You could talk about how to help humans in the kitchen, especially now that it's holiday time. As you can see in the picture, I have trained my human to be very happy with my help, so I'm set. But every human is different. What advice would you give for other dogs?

Happy Holidays,

Penny, from Ann Arbor


Hey Penny,

Thanks for the suggestion. You're right that during the holidays our humans will need our help in the kitchen more than ever. As wonderful as our humans are, their noses are really short, so they can't smell things that well. They also may not fully understand how extremely important food is, so they need our constant presence and encouragement to do the job well. Besides, everybody knows that a stray dog hair or two really completes any holiday food. As the pictures below show, I've worked with many a human in the kitchen, helping them prepare holiday meals.

The key thing you can do to help your humans in the kitchen is to be there for them. They need your support. Unfortunately, some humans aren't trained that well, so they may need extra time and effort on your part. You know the old saying: you can't teach an old human new tricks. That's not always true, but sometimes you need to be more assertive with your humans. You can see in the pictures below that the humans in the top row are well trained, like yours, Penny. In the bottom row are ways to deal with less well-trained humans. It's hard to believe, but some dogs may need to insert themselves between their human and the food being prepared, just so their human realizes how helpful they are.  

Thanks for your suggestion, Penny. If there are other suggestions out there, let me know. Email me at You can see the fun stuff my humans are working on at WaterField Designs

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